Thursday, September 5, 2013

Draggin' Ass...

Last night, I spent the evening in the ER. My husband was having chest pains and we were unsure of what could cause the issue so off we went. They were able to make him comfortable after taking a lot of blood, an EKG and x-rays (and a little pill that would help settle his chest discomfort). We've got a few more things to check out but they sent us home around 5:45 this morning. We both crashed hard. I got up briefly to see that the kids were all doing what they were supposed to be doing and then crashed for another hour or so. Once I got up, I needed a little something to help me focus as I still feel like it's 5:45 and I haven't slept yet - I'm a mess today!

A little off-track comment here: for all the natural choices that we try to make, I'm still a little uncomfortable with so many facets of modern medicine. I'm not educated in it and I'm never sure which ones are there to do the job our bodies should be allowed to do and which ones we should be grateful for within the confines of modern medicine. It scares me a little but I guess it's all a part of the learning process and makes me want to learn more...

Sorry to jump track - I'm back now.

When I worked for a chain sandwich and coffee shop I was almost always an opener which meant I was at work around 5:30a. Most days that didn't bother me - I tend to enjoy mornings (especially if I've had enough sleep) and I'd just kind of sing songs in my head and drink my water and I'd be fine. Every now and then, I had a rough day and just really struggled. One day, I made up a drink that is really sweet and loaded with caffeine. Now, caffeine has never done much for me (I tend to drink decaf or herbal tea) but sugar can send me over the moon! I know most people are different and their bodies do respond to caffeine and if so, this drink will shoot you up!!!

Remember, I said this is sweet and I meant it - adjust sweeteners to your tastes and remember to leave room for all the extra goodies in your mug. I always overfill my mug and either spill some (hey, I'm tired after all) or end up sipping it from the top of a very full mug!

Draggin' Ass
Yield 1 travel mug (about 2 cups)

1/2 C brewed espresso / strong coffee (about 1/3 of the mug)
1-1/2 C brewed chai tea (about 2/3 of the mug)
2 tsp organic cane sugar (or white sugar)
1 Tbls raw honey
2 Tbls caramel sauce
1 Tbls vanilla extract
2-4 Tbls / 1/4 C Almond or Coconut Milk

Mix together while hot.

*Variations on the sweeteners could be Coconut Nectar, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar or anything that is real and NONE of those artificial sweeteners!

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  1. Hubby in hospital? Everything turn out okay?? Any results? Any further probs?

    I can't handle caffiene (not a joke, a cup of coffee sets my hands shaking for a couple hours then I mentally crash but can't sleep for about 8 hours after drinking it) so I steer clear of it... I try to eat an apple (trace amounts of caffeine, enough for me), go for a walk with the dogs, or just give in and nap.